13 June 2024

Is “No One Will Save You” scary?

 Is “No One Will Save You” scary?

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“No One Will Save You,” the most recent science fiction horror offering from director Brian Duffield, has been generating significant buzz within the film industry. The movie features Kaitlyn Dever in the lead role of Brynn, a woman leading a solitary life that gets disrupted by a mysterious otherworldly entity. But does it genuinely deliver on the scares? Let’s explore various reviews to unravel the verdict.

The Plot

Brynn’s daily routine involves solitude, with her occupying her time by tinkering with knick-knacks, cooking, and indulging in dancing. Her tranquil existence takes a dramatic turn when her home becomes the unexpected abode of a supernatural being. In her desperate attempt to escape, she is compelled to confront not only her immediate predicament but also the unresolved issues from her past that led to her isolation.

The Horror Element

The film’s most remarkable attribute lies in its innovative utilization of sound and its ability to craft tension during the invasion sequences. The initial portion of the movie sees Brynn stealthily navigating her residence, attempting to evade the enigmatic intruder. Mundane sounds, such as ringing phone tones and subtle floorboard creaks, conspire to constrict the audience’s chest with dread.

The architectural design of the house proves to be a compelling tool for inducing fear and building suspense. However, as the narrative progresses, it regrettably falls short of its initial promise. It misses golden opportunities to deliver spine-tingling scares, instead opting for clichéd approaches that dilute the sense of fear and replace it with indifference.

The Critique

Critics have taken issue with the film’s failure to provide a substantial narrative context. Brynn’s mourning for her mother and her ostracism from the community, the reasons behind which remain shrouded in mystery for a significant portion of the movie, create a disconnect with viewers. The screenplay neglects to cultivate empathy and engagement with her predicament, leading to a wearisome cycle of pursuit, escape, and re-capture sequences that lack clear direction.

The Verdict

“No One Will Save You” has been described as a slow-burn experience that leaves audiences yearning for a swifter pace. While the film harbors creative intentions, and Kaitlyn Dever delivers a compelling performance, both aspects are underserved by the film’s execution. By the time any semblance of the missing backstory emerges, it feels belated and inadequately developed, failing to justify the prolonged anticipation.

In conclusion, “No One Will Save You” possesses the essential elements of horror, yet falls short due to its deficiency in narrative context and its missed opportunities for delivering spine-chilling moments. While some viewers may find it frightening, others might be left with a sense of indifference.


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