13 June 2024

ESPN Unveils Highly-Anticipated 2023 College Football FPI Rankings: Who’s Set to Challenge Georgia’s Reign?

 ESPN Unveils Highly-Anticipated 2023 College Football FPI Rankings: Who’s Set to Challenge Georgia’s Reign?

Get ready, college football enthusiasts! The countdown to an exhilarating season is nearly over, and as the kickoff date inches closer, we’re delving into the captivating world of FPI rankings. Brace yourselves for the ultimate breakdown of which teams have the firepower to dethrone the reigning champions, the Georgia Bulldogs.

Quinn Ewers is back for another season under center for Steve Sarkisian at Texas. Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire

The sports realm’s global juggernaut, ESPN, has just dropped its eagerly awaited 2023 college football Football Power Index (FPI) rankings, sending shockwaves through the fan base. With the season’s edge merely two weeks away, the FPI takes a magnifying glass to every team’s projected odds across an array of scenarios—ranging from the pursuit of an undefeated season to the pinnacle of national glory.

Texas A&M, fresh off a season that left fans yearning for more, has claimed the No. 19 spot in this year’s rankings, boasting an FPI of 12.7. The Maroon and White’s predicted win-loss tally stands at 7.5-4.6, with an impressive 87.1 percent chance of securing at least six victories in the upcoming season. But that’s just the beginning. The Aggies are making waves with a 4.8 percent chance of conquering the SEC West, while also harboring a 1.3 percent shot at clinching the conference title and a tantalizing 1.9 percent likelihood of reaching the College Football Playoff—an aspiration shared by many.

As we peer into the crystal ball, the Maroon and White’s odds of making it to the national championship game rest at a modest 0.7 percent, with a tantalizing 0.2 percent chance of claiming the ultimate crown in 2023.

Here’s a sneak peek at the top 25 teams according to ESPN’s FPI rankings:

  1. Ohio State (31.5)
  2. Alabama (28.2)
  3. Georgia (27.4)
  4. LSU (22.1)
  5. Texas (21.9)
  6. Michigan (21.4)
  7. USC (19.9)
  8. Clemson (19.4)
  9. Notre Dame (18.4)
  10. Penn State (17.5)
  11. Oklahoma (16.9)
  12. Tennessee (15.2)
  13. Oregon (15)
  14. Florida State (15)
  15. Utah (14.9)
  16. Ole Miss (13.4)
  17. TCU (13)
  18. Florida (12.7)
  19. Texas A&M (12.7)
  20. Wisconsin (12.3)
  21. Washington (11.8)
  22. Texas Tech (10.8)
  23. Baylor (10.7)
  24. Oregon State (10.5)
  25. North Carolina (10.2)

These rankings follow Texas A&M’s inclusion in the prestigious USA TODAY Coaches preseason poll and the AP Top 25 preseason poll—a testament to their potential as contenders. The adrenaline-charged 2023 season is set to commence with Texas A&M facing off against New Mexico on Saturday, September 2, at the iconic Kyle Field.

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